5 Must See Things in Mexico City

After surviving a difficult but non-life threatening bout with COVID last month, it was finally time to escape NYC (at least my apartment) and discover a colorful new locality.  Mexico City, Mexico did not disappoint! Even though I only had a few days there, I was able to experience a lot of culture including food, art, and nature. For fellow creatives and travel lovers alike, get ready to be blown away! While I’m not an insider like Cristina Alonso,  I did channel her energy to highlight my favorite things to do there. 

For the Artist

Living in NYC and studying at an art school, gave me a boost on figuring out what things to see in my limited time there. Among the highlights of my visit was “La Casa Azul,” otherwise known as the Museo de Frida Kahlo, one of the country’s most infamous artists. The museum did an amazing job of preserving her house. It highlighted how she made creative fashion adjustments to her wardrobe,  given her battle with Polio. I’ll never view her paintings the same anymore!

For the Arborist 

While there are a lot of great national parks in Mexico City, you don’t even have to go to a national park to witness the natural beauty that exists there. Much like the cherry blossoms of Washington D.C., the Jacaranda tree is Mexico City’s version. Its violet/ periwinkle flowers brighten up the city in Spring.  

For the Foodie

One thing about Mexico City that you must know, is that it’s a foodie’s paradise. From Michelin-star restaurants to cafes and street food, there is no shortage of extraordinary smells and tastes at any budget. Just remember, you should NEVER drink the water, even if it’s in the form of ice. I learned that lesson the hard way when I had a juice with ice on a hot afternoon. (Let’s just say COVID was nothing compared to the level of gastrointestinal distress my body endured).

Of course, that bump in the road didn’t prevent me from getting to try some remarkable restaurants. This included Sud 777, a farm-to-table local Mexican restaurant that had an interior design as sophisticated and delicious as its food. 

For the Shopper

Local shopping is so different in Mexico City.  Sure the pop-up markets in Union Square during Christmas are fun but nothing compared to the fresh air markets that make up a lot of the shopping scene. Whether it’s fish, produce, incense, or even a pound of delectable, edible, crickets (was not about to try them), you can find them in the market. Then, there are other marketplaces dedicated to more local artisan crafts such as pinatas, and wooden toys.  

For the Night Owl

Last but not least, the after dinner scene is just as electric and memorable as the food scene.  One general word of advice is wherever you go, make sure you make a reservation. If you’re not on the list, you’re not getting in. Period. One of my favorites was a speakeasy called the Tokyo Bar. This hot spot featured a DJ Bar where hi-fi analog audio was emitted from the bar. 

Now that I’ve exhausted my attempts at being a travel writer, I’m back to hotel interior design.  Adios, until May!


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