AI and Interior Design

To say that AI is everywhere is an understatement. I could easily have used it to write this month’s blog but when I saw the results it generated,I reconsidered. Sure it’s crazy fast and fairly accurate but when you get to the heart of its generated content, you can’t shake off that computer-generated smell. Bring back personality, originality and of course, my dear favorite, creativity!

What You Can’t Do

I’m still exploring how AI might be beneficial for my business. On the design side, I’ve discovered AI can automate repetitive tasks like space planning, furniture arrangement, and even color selection. It can also help me with image matching, which means I could more easily find rare pieces of furniture or fixtures. What I also like is that it can help with generating mood boards. I still haven’t yet discovered if AI can update my contact list or help me generate invoices. I’m pretty confident it can but I haven’t gotten there yet. 

What You Can

Now to the reality check. AI might be good for some tasks, but it’s not eliminating my job as an interior designer by any means.  There are a number of core things that AI can’t do and I doubt will ever be able to do.  First, is establishing relationships with clients. Chat bots might help ask the right questions but developing a trusting business relationship takes time and effort.  Second, AI cannot handle managing timelines and troubleshooting real bottlenecks that come up. For example, materials that are ordered may be the wrong size or quality, and knowing that requires knowing the trade well.  The third thing that clients won’t get with an AI generated application is original designs that match the needs and vision of the client. I pride myself on going the extra mile and creating custom solutions to surpass client’s expectations. 

The Verdict

I can’t predict the future of AI but I do know that as the years go on, there will be unfound ways to augment design. Virtual and augmented reality are already here to help clients experience design in multiple dimensions. Is it good for the home decorator who wants to renovate their living room on a budget? Absolutely. For that there’s HomeDesign AI or Houzz. As for me, I can’t fathom using it everyday in my work. Part of that reason is that I take enormous pride and get joy from doing what I do. Will I discover ways to use it to get rid of admin work? I hope so. For now, I’m sticking to the foundations of human imagination, judgment and intuition. 

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