Design Trends to Watch in 2021

When I was 9, I turned to my Magic 8 ball if I wanted to know what would happen in the future. When I was 23, I turned to my tarot card reader. But when it comes to questions about my industry, I turn to journalism, social media (I just joined Clubhouse) and my own intuition to prepare for what’s coming down the road in the design industry. At this point of the year, here are five trends that I’m excited about.

Top Overall Picks 

If you read my January blog, you know that CBD and Cannabis is a trend that’s here to stay because of its multiplicity of uses. It’s an integral ingredient in health and wellness products, cooking, and hemp-based fabrics. As its legalization gains traction across all states in the U.S., we will see its impact on the economy and our society for the next decades to come.

Next up on trending items are all things wicker and rattan. We saw this trend emerging last year and is gaining more traction into 2021. We’ve been noticing that the wicker rattan furniture of today is no longer what you remember seeing in the Golden Girls’ Miami house. Rattan furniture (wicker refers to how it’s weaved) has a fun DIY element. It can add an extra dimension to a room as well as a lightness that has a beach boho quality. What’s more, you can move wicker furniture around without breaking your back or the bank. Rattan is not only easy to paint but is also versatile as indoor or outdoor furniture.

Third on my list of trends is Venetian plaster.  Venetian plaster, which has been around for many years, is now more than ever easy to use. That’s because Venetian plaster, also known as lime plaster, is applied with a trowel and can be applied to any flat surface. It can provide unique details like shine, depth, and texture. In addition, plaster adds an artisan/ craftsman quality to an interior, and can easily be repaired and reconstructed.

Finally, and the last trend that I’m following is outdoor adventure lodging. Whether it’s renting an RV, or even going to a hotel, there is real benefit of a getaway where people can disconnect and recharge. However, keep in mind there will likely not be any room service or daily housekeeping.  These rustic refuges will have just the right number of amenities and provide access to trails, rivers, and space for reflection and relaxation.

Colors and Patterns

Of course, when it comes to trends for colors and patterns in 2021, I look no further than my favorite fashionista cities such as Milan and Paris. From what I’ve seen, bright floral patterns flooded the fashion runways in Paris. I predict they’re going to be extremely popular this year for wall coverings, bedding or accent pieces. I am also noticing that blazers may be replaced by chic track jackets and khaki materials are also coming back.  As always, these pattern and fabric trends will spill out into the interior design world.

While I love following new trends, I also must remind myself that following trends doesn’t compare to figuring out your own unique style preferences. Trends change quickly so climbing on the bandwagon could leave you spending a lot of money trying to keep up.  My advice: “Follow your design gut when it comes to design trends. And always be two steps ahead of the followers.”


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