Never Too Old For a Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, 

It’s me Alicia.  Remember, the really well-behaved girl from Connecticut with strawberry blond hair and freckles? I know it’s been well over 30 years since I last wrote to you, but 2020 has been a tumultuous year and I know you’re feeling it too. I’m sorry to hear that your home in the North Pole is quickly melting. 

I decided to write you this year because it’s not only the kids that need the Christmas magic this year; us adults need some love too!  Lucky for you, I’m not asking for a Swatch phone or Liz Claiborne perfume again and don’t even need any of these things by Christmas day. I have to warn you that my 2020 list looks entirely different than my younger days.  I know you’re a product guy, but I think it’s time to pivot to gifting to social impact causes. The world needs you more than ever.  Alas, here it is: 

    1. Provide enough funding for the many businesses and small business owners in the hospitality industry to not be forced to end their dreams and their careers  and shut down. Cities like NYC are crippled and seem like ghost towns right now.
    2. Infuse joy in any possible way to the many people who may be suffering silently and/or alone. Please let them know they are loved and give them hope for a better tomorrow.
    3. Help children to not lose their sense of wonder and imagination. Please give them gifts that don’t need to be plugged in, require an email account, or help them compete for likes.  A yo-yo, teddy bear, or  jump rope would work just fine for my daughter.

Thank you Santa for reading my letter!  I hope you are smiling with pride knowing that you’re a pioneer for home delivery for the world! Don’t worry, DoorDash doesn’t hold a candle to you. I also hope you’re able to get the vaccine first, you know, given your age and obesity (not my words; it was from the CDC). 

P.S. If you ever need some help with sprucing up your workshop, I have plenty of ideas for furniture, light fixtures, and even art work to keep the elves excited about coming to work in the winter.   


Alicia J. Cannon 


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