School Vacation Drive to Destinations

While it’s Spring in New York, that’s not the case everywhere else. It’s blazing summer hot in Mexico, where me and my daughter are spending her April school vacation. Instead of using this blog to complain about sweating, I’m reminiscing about cooler times of 2023. In fact, February’s school break to Woodstock, Vermont was a 180 from the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

What’s Woodstock

If you didn’t think there was another Woodstock, aside from the one in New York or even the name of Snoopy’s sidekick, you’re not alone. I had no idea Woodstock existed until I took my daughter to Kililngton ski resort this last February to learn how to ski.  On the way home from the four hour trip from Killington, Vermont, my friend suggested we stop there.

What to do in Woodstock

In no time, we took a two-hour, leisurely detour to this quaint New England town, which was way beyond my expectations of charming! Surprise, surprise, we first had to visit the local hotel to check out the hospitality aesthetic. The  Woodstock Inn and Resort, a colonial-style hotel. Not only was it steeped in historic detail, it had a lot to offer its guests in terms of ambiance, coziness, warmth, and modern amenities such as a full-service spa and on-site restaurant.  Afterwards, we made our way to the town’s General Store to buy some maple syrup among a few other local provisions.  I have to admit, while I love my trips to Target, there is something so refreshing about going back to basics. Imagine, you can don’t need 5,000 square feet to do your shopping.

Since this was the second time I found myself back in Vermont to ski (there are lots of great ski resorts all within 1-2 hour drive), this time, the highlight of our visit was Billings Farm, a local dairy, cheese and produce farm. There, my daughter got to witness, the magic of cows being milked for the first time! I never thought she would be so focused and mesmerized by a giant spotted animal who barely made any noise or moved. She has not been able to drink milk the same way since! Not to mention, as a cheese-lover, I was hooked on the ultra-fresh cheddar cheese.

Why I’ll come back

While I could go on and on about the other great shops and restaurants in Woodstock like Clover Gift shop or Worthy Kitchen, the point is that a trip to the Green Mountains is a great respite from New York City life in winter or any time of year. It was refreshing to be in an environment that had not one siren in the background, no tall buildings, or massive groups of people competing for sidewalk space. Vermont is truly a destination for all ages and one that you can easily drive to from the city. And while I’m not regretting being in Mexico for April vacation, I’m glad I’m sold on Vermont for future February vacations.


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