Thanksgiving 2.1

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, many of us were not able to gather with friends and family for Thanksgiving. Now, Thanksgiving seems like it used to be; a day of giving thanks, eating and cooking non-stop and hugging the ones you love.  As I look forward to the holiday,  I also know that I’m in a new frame of mind.

Post-Pandemic Mindset

My mindset has definitely shifted in 2021 because of the pandemic. Prior to 2020, I used to be a lot more concerned about keeping up with all the trend in fashion or business. Now, I’m not relying on magazine covers to tell me what I need to do. Instead, what’s right for me is making my own path, working with clients that make me inspired or happy, and wearing clothes that make me feel good is my new normal. Sorry all but Mom jeans don’t look good on anyone!  

Lessons Learned 

The biggest lesson learned in 2021 is that each day is a gift.  Having gone through two major personal losses this year,  I can attest that grief is never easy to process and loss if never easy to accept.  However, it has made me a boatload more appreciative of the people I have in my life. My personal choices are more selective especially with how and whom I spend my time with. Time is our most valuable asset, so spend that time with the people you cherish most.

The other lesson learned this year is how to establish better boundaries.  This has skyrocketed my emotional growth and has been so liberating. Simply put, I know what fuels my soul and am not afraid to advocate for myself.  Sure, I’ve done more renovations on interior spaces than I’d like to admit, but this year, I made the time and effort to design my own space. It’s nice to be a cobbler who doesn’t live in their own shoe!

The final  lesson learned is that my priorities have shifted for the better. Yes, this is my plug for how motherhood enhanced my life and keeps fulfilling my purpose in life. Any moment I get to spend with my four year-old daughter grounds me.  One particular moment that melts my heart is taking her to a museum and seeing art through her innocent eyes.

Orange on the Horizon

As the sun is setting on 2021, I am relieved that the darkness is behind me, even though the days are getting shorter.  I am hopeful that bright orange is on the horizon.  There’s no color that makes me feel more rejuvenated than orange.  It symbolizes creativity, and has been part of AJC Design’s brand palette since its founding in 2007.  While I don’t know what 2022 will bring, I do know that without struggle, there is no reward and that every challenge is a lesson in disguise. 


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