The Future of AJC Design

What comes to mind when you see the walnut logo of AJC Design? If you didn’t know it was a walnut and thought it was an oyster or something else, I promise I won’t be offended. When I started the company 16 years ago, the walnut half-shell silhouette was the perfect symbol of what AJC Design was about – partnership and uniqueness. This alludes to my ability to provide my clients with a unique experience as well as deign. I make sure to take the time to get to know the clients’ needs and challenges, then provide them with designs with the most thoughtful details, which most other designers don’t have half the patience for. 

While my value proposition hasn’t changed at all, I believe that everything naturally changes with time.  That new car you bought in 2016 is definitely not going to have the luster and shine of a car you purchased in 2022 or 2023. The fabrics and lighting that made your hotel lobby stand out a decade ago, is going to show signs of dullness over time.  I personally don’t like being complacent or static, so that’s how I know it’s definitely time for a brand refresh.  

For me, going through a brand refresh is a lot like renovating a hotel with a client.  We have to decide on timing, on budget, and most importantly, clarify the purpose and vision. This is the hardest and most time intensive part of the process. Without purpose and vision, everything will look great, everything will seem too expensive, and there is no sense of when a project is complete, despite what a contract might specify.  

However, what’s different than the physical renovation of a hotel, is that a company brand refresh is a lot more personally taxing. After all, I created the brand and the brand represents not only what I do but who I am.  I’ve changed considerably throughout the years and have been shaped by new experiences as well as new beginnings and endings. I’m expecting my logo and branding to reflect that. While I can’t reveal anything yet,  what I know for sure is that Creativity is Everything! isn’t going away. This mantra is part of the essence of AJC Design that is only going to louder. Stay tuned!


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